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Wordpress Hints and Tips

Wordpress Hints and Tips Irish Wordpress Training. Courses in wordpress development provided

Menu Setup WordPress

Menu Setup, Setting up the Navigation Menu Setup WordPress

Once you’ve added your pages you’ll need to setup your main navigation menu which appears at the top of each page.

Setting Up The Blog Page

Setting Up The Blog Setting Up The Blog Page by Irish WordPress Training in Kerry Cork & Ireland

  1. To set up the blog page you must create a new

Page Setup

Page Setup Setting The Pages

After you install your theme, you’ll need to set up page templates and a few options to get it running properly.

Setting Up The

Plugin Install

Installing Plugins How to Install Plugin’s

Any theme’s functionality is broken up through the use of individual plugins. This way, when if you ever decide to change themes, your site

Install a Theme

How to Install a Theme by Pinguis Website Design WordPress is required to be setup and running on an active website and server.

To install this theme you must have

WordPress Training Courses Online

Welcome to WordPress Training in Kerry, Cork and Ireland. We offer free business Website by Pinguis Website Design in Kerry and Cork. We provide a comprehensive list of WordPress Tips

WordPress Theme Installed

New WordPress Theme Installed and Posts written to fill it out.


I have left the Settings in Reading, Settings at the default to show the

New WordPress Dashboard


For now get familiar with the dashboard hover over the left hand panel in particular.

You are able to add or edit anything

Create a Link in WordPress
4 years ago

Create a Link in WordPress

How to create a Link in WordPress.

In WordPress specifically in post and page text editor makes it possible to add hyperlinks to other web pages from your content.

Change file Permissions
4 years ago

Change file Permissions

How to Change file or folder Permissions on Server with Picture walk through.


Usually, folders and files within your web server have already been assigned permissions at

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