Adding Media in WordPress

Adding Media in WordPress

As a carry on from our tuitorial on adding text to a post or page. To brighten up your new wordpress post we are going to add a basic image. For this you will need to be in the wordpress text editor.

We have written a tuitorial on how to get there previously.


How to Add Media in WordPress Text Editor


Having written down what you want on your post. If you want the text to wrap around the image go to the start of your paragraph the first letter. And position your cursor there. Go up to Add Media and click. Upload your media/image, having done this your image will be inserted into position.

fill in image description specifically Alt Text for SEO

You now should have a image on the page

An image ready to position


In the picture above you you will see the display after you click the image you have just uploaded. You have a few options here either to center align the image as highlighted above or to left and right align it or have no alignment at all.


Always save and preview your work to see if it is satisfactory. By either usiing the preview button just above the wordpress editor or by right clicking view post and open in new window. This way is best if you need to go back and change something.