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WordPress Courses in Cork & Kerry

Pinguis WordPress Training Courses in Cork & Kerry WordPress Training Ireland


WordPress Courses in all area’s of Kerry and Cork.

We plan all our courses based on demand

What do i Need to start a website

The Essential Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own Website. What do i Need to start a website WordPress Training in Ireland.

  1. Get Your Domain Name


WordPress Sidebar

Learn to know the WordPress Sidebar Pinguis WordPress Training in Ireland A sidebar in WordPress is referred to a widget ready area used by WordPress themes to display information that

How to add Media in WordPress Post

How to add Media in WordPress Post Adding Media in WordPress page or post.

As a carry on from our tutorial on adding text to a post or page.

Understanding and Installing WordPress Widgets

Understanding and Installing WordPress Widgets in a standard WordPress Theme.

All wordpress themes have a different widget layout. WordPress Widgets add features for your WordPress website’s sidebars. Examples are

Kerry and Cork WordPress Training and Teaching

Picture slideshow of images on our WordPress tutorial Website. We teach one to one wordpress classes and group courses in Kerry and Cork.

You will learn the following…

Installing and

How to Install Plugins WordPress

Plugins are used to add to wordpress and tools which provide additional functionality to your wordpress platform. How to Install Plugins WordPress Pinguis WordPress Training in Ireland. To install

How to Create a WordPress Post
3 years ago

How to Create a WordPress Post

The basic’s reason for wordpress is to get information on the internet, it maybe a service product or combination of the both. We will teach you how to Create a

Create WordPress categories

How to create WordPress categories

To create new categories in WordPress, you need to hover over the Posts then click Catgories page.

On the left side of the page you

Selecting a domain name

Things to remember when selecting a domain name


Quick Summary

  1. Keep it Easy to Type. Finding a domain name that’s easy to type (and remember) is

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