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Searching for the cheapest solution, is not always searching for the solution that will make you happy in the long run. If you’re using WordPress on a server that is hosted by a third party (like for example GoDaddy) and you find out its slow or sluggish, likely you have selected the hosting provider based on the cheapest price.

The cheaper they get, the more likely it will be that their support and performance will be poor (quality comes with a price). We ourselves started with a super cheap (GoDaddy) server back in the days, but quickly realized it was insufficient for our needs, and after moving to another “heavier” server. We eventually moved to Blacknight hosting company. Our advise is to host at a company you know and trust. Be aware that moving sites from one place to another is quite often a tough task (migrating sites, swithcing DNS records, transferring mails etc)

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Better WordPress Performance – another reason why sites become sluggish, is if you have too many plugins running on your site. Each plugins performs certain activities when there is interaction between client (browser) and the server. If you don’t need a specific plugin, consider turning it off. We try to embed as much logic as we can within our theme such that you don’t need those plugins, so please share with us your needs and we will try to embed the features of the plugin in our theme too, assuming we think the features make sense and are useful for other clients too).

Huge images

Uploading huge images can be a killer for your performance. Photos shot by modern smartphones and tablets (let alone digital cameras) can easily be several megabytes in (file) size. This isn’t particularly beneficial for the performance of your site.

My personal rule of thumb if that each image should not be bigger than 100Kb, and stored in JPEG format. JPEG files can be compressed in a great way, without loosing much of the quality of the images. If you don’t know how to manipulate the (file)size of photos, consider asking an expert, or investing some of your spare time on Google. We ourselves do offer photo enhancement services.

When selecting your hosting provider, be sure to pick one that has a data center that is relatively close to your country, preferably in your country. The closer the data center is from your website’s visitors, the better the performance will be.