Embed an image gallery in a post

How to Embed an image gallery in a WordPress Post

First step is to get images for the gallery. Once you have that done, open a new post name it service gallery or similar. Once you have this complete click add media above the editor.

At this stage click create gallery.

Select your images notice the tick box on the image after you select it. Hover over and a minus icon will allow you to take it out of the gallery. Also notice the bottom bar has 4 images selected.  Click Create a New Gallery bottom right.


The next screen is you final chance to edit your Gallery. Your choices are to Attachment Page, Media File or None. Below this you can select the number of Columns (4 columns for 4 images on one row) or (2 columns for 4 images on two rows). Select your image sizes either thumbnail, Medium, Full or Full Size.

Below is a sample Gallery of our previously used 4 images on 2 rows