How to Include Weather in WordPress Website

Head over to and let it auto detect your location or enter the location in the search in the top middle of the page. After this go to the bottom of the page and HTML Embed / Widget Change the display to Celsius on the top right
A bit of understanding and coding is required here

<iframe id=”forecast_embed” src=”;lon=9.7850&amp;name=Killarney County Kerry” width=”100%” height=”245″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

It up to you. Just put in this code into your HTML:

To Customise the on page widget to your location

There are also a few of optional choices, marked in red:

<iframe id="forecast_embed" type="text/html" frameborder="0" height="245" width="100%" src=" Boston&color=#00aaff&font=Georgia&units=uk"> </iframe> 

You can change  latitude and longitude lat=42.3583&lon=-71.0603 to your area plus the name that appears name=Downtown Boston

and the font from the default Helvetica to font=Georgia, the color of the temperature bars, and the localization of the units (‘us’ for Fahrenheit and mph), (‘uk’ for Celsius and mph), (‘ca’ for Celsius and km/h), and (‘si’ for Celsius and m/s).

Or weather forecast for Tralee County Kerry Ireland

Be very careful to only put in what you want no blank spaces or ” or ‘. Exactly what you see nothing more or less. Or wordpress weather widget won’t work.