New WordPress Theme Installed and Posts written to fill it out.

New wordpress theme installed on new wordpress installation

New wordpress theme installed change and posts


I have left the Settings in Reading, Settings at the default to show the structure of the website(above).

I will be changing this to Front page displays and Home.

Reading Settings Changed to a Homepage

How to Change Reading Settings to a Home Page

Never make the Front Page and Posts Page the same as it will display the Home page with all posts underneath. Like having your full website on a Single page.

I have decided to move on to another theme. That’s the power of WordPress it isolates the theme from the data so i will still have the post but can switch out the theme as it suits us.

theme progress by pinguis

Theme make changing the look and feel easy

While its easy to get carried away with how a website looks.

Remember Content is King.

Concentrate you energy on content. Website display is secondary in google’s eyes. The google bot only see’s text, that’s why alt text is important with images.


Pagespeed is important, your website has to be mobile responsive.