Adding Image Galleries

How to go about Adding Image Galleries

Image galleries can be added to any content area and can be customized in various ways. To add an image gallery navigate to any page or post and in the content area place the cursor where you would like the gallery to appear. Click Add Media to begin.

Click Create Gallery and upload new images under the Upload Files tab or select images that exsist in your media library from the Media Library tab. Select Images for your Gallary by clicking on them. Once you have all the images checked, click Create New Gallary

Now you can edit the gallary by entering captions and dropping and dragging images to change their order. The Gallery Settings are also selected at this point (See the following passages for information on the gallery settings). Once the gallery settings have been selected click Insert Gallery and the gallery will be inserted into your content area.

Below are explanations for gallery settings.

Option Description
Gallery Type See preceding passage for information about each type.
Random Order Decide whether you want the images displayed randomly or the order you specified via drag and drop.
Slideshow gallary type only
Select “Crop Images” so they all appear the same height in the slideshow. Or select “Do not Crop Images” and the slideshow will resize according to the image height.
Slideshow gallary type only
Select None if the image should not have a link or Full Image if you’d like it to link to the full image when clicked on. When linking to the full image it opens in a responsive lightbox.

Below are explanations and design tips for the different types of image galleries.

Option Description
Gallery This gallery type is your traditional gallery, displaying a block of thumbnails that when linked to the full image open in a responsive lightbox. The captions appear upon hovering. The gallery type is only available in a fixed width.
Design Tip: A gallery looks great when displaying images in multiples of three.
Slideshow This gallery type displays a slideshow where the entire image is shown and the user can click scroll left or right through the gallery. Captions are optional and will display on the image. The slideshow gallery type also has the option of cropping so the slideshow will remain the same height. If the images are not cropped the height will adjust for each image.
Design tip: Create a Slideshow gallery with only one image, and make sure it’s full width. This creates a dramatic, break out of the box image on your post, page or portfolio item.

Adding Images WordPress

Adding Images

You can add images and galleries within your post and pages. Start by setting a featured image this will be used as your post thumbnail.

To add a featured image, click Set Featured Image, upload your image and choose Set Featured Image and then save the changes to your post. It is recommended that the featured image uploads are at least 300px in width and 300px in height. Or greater that 200px wide by greater that 200px high for social media sharing. And you want your images shared(SEO).

Your featured image should be at least 200x200 pixels to be picked up by Facebook and other social media sites.

Adding Images within Pages or Posts

Images can be added to any content area and can be customized in various ways.

  1. To add an image navigate to any Page or Post. In the content area place the cursor where you would like the image to appear and click Add Media.

  2. A new window will pop up, click the link Insert Media. Upload new images under the Upload Files tab or insert existing images from the media library via the Media Library tab.

  3. After selecting the image you can adjust the attachment details and display settings, see below for more information on the display settings.

  4. Once the display settings are complete, insert the image into the content by clicking Insert into Post.

Image Display Settings

Under Attachment Display Settings in addition to the WordPress standard allignment of Left, Center, Right and None.