How to Delete a WordPress Post

How to Delete a WordPress Post the choices you are given.

In the Posts screen, find the Post you want to delete, then hover your mouse over the post title to display the options menu and click on Trash


Your Post will be moved to the Trash


Now you can restored to the Table of Posts by clicking on the Undo link immediately after being sent to the trash or go to trash

To permanently delete a Post, click on the Trash Bin All the contents of the Trash will displayed.


Empty Trash above will empty all items in Trash quickly. Again hover your mouse over the Title of the Post you want to permanently delete, click on either the Restore, Quick link to restore the post, or the Delete Permanently link to completely remove the post.


The Post has now been permanently deleted and can not be recovered unless you have a backup

WordPress Website SEO

WordPress Website SEO Tutorial

Before you do anything go to setting and tab Permalinks. Change this from Default to Post name.

To include the category, you select “Custom Structure” and change the value to /%category%/%postname%/.

If you previously had ?p=<postid> as your permalink WordPress will take care of all the redirects for you. This is also true if you change from /%postname%/ to /%category%/%postname%/.

If you change from any other permalink structure save your changes or else changes won’t be saved.