Fix WordPress White Screen

How to fix the WordPress blank screen of death.


Fix WordPress White Screen of Death after view items increased in screen options.


WordPress Blank Screen of Death, how to fix.

No changing themes or deactivating plugins just put in the code. is blank after changing Number of Posts to view to much higher number (like 500).



After this change we are faced with a blank WordPress screen. If the posts page is blank. Click all posts and in the url bar at the top of your screen right after edit.php type &paged=2.


Basically for a post type add &paged=2 after the string of characters.

This also works on portfolio post types.

Then you arrive at the screen shot and look to the top right screen options.

Change the Number of items per page to a reasonable number and good luck.

Same for portfolio or any custom post type

See screenshot of fixed wordpress blank screen also look at the url bar highlighted

Again this is the code needed just get to your blank screen and add &paged=2 to your URL press enter and change the view options to a reasonable amount of items.

All posts or whatever you custom post type and &paged=2

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A simple fix, it does work(everytime)